coal cure
Coal Prevention Application

Blackstone’s proprietary Coal Cure product is used to consolidate and stabilize the coal and prevent fracturing during all drilling phases.

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onyx block
Rop Immediate Increase

Uses 5 different Loss Prevention products in specific quantities to establish the optimal blend. LPM is added continuously fractures as they are drilled.

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Progressive thinking and innovation may define our company but it’s the strength of our people that sets us apart.  With more than 165 years of combined experience, our team has made Blackstone Drilling Fluids Ltd. a leader in the development of drilling and completion fluids and systems across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.  Integrity and honesty are at the core of everything we do and safety always comes first.  We are dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Fresh ideas.  Real-world knowledge.  Technical expertise.  When it comes to mud, Blackstone has the experience that matters.

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