At Blackstone Drilling Fluids, we don’t just provide the products but the professional expertise one would expect from a company leading the way in the exploration and production business.


An open dialogue is key to a successful operation. Ongoing technical support is an important component of our business and our COR certified professionals will work with our customers on a daily basis to ensure their needs are being met.

Blackstone focuses primarily on the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. We have vast experience drilling most well types including:

  • Cardium Horizontals
  • SAGD Core Hole, Delineation, Injectors and Producers
  • Montney Shale Horizontals
  • Turner Valley Foothills Wells
  • Bakken Shale
  • Nikanassin Vertical and Horizontals
  • Horn River Horizontals
  • Viking Horizontals
  • Eastern Canada offshore in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

Blackstone is currently running many different drilling fluids systems including:

  • Gel Chemical / PHPA
  • Low Damage Polymer
  • Amine Systems
  • Silicate Systems
  • Potassium Chloride Polymer
  • JET D Fluid (SAGD)
  • Oil and Synthetic Based Systems
  • Saturated Salt water
  • Gypped Gel
  • Gel Dispersed
  • Mixed Metal Hydroxide

Along with expertise in drilling fluids, Blackstone is an expert at solids control and will provide solutions to enhance the solids removal.  This leads to a longer life cycle of the drilling fluids systems.  A holistic-approach is key to a successful fluids management plan.

Blackstone Drilling Fluids uses Drillbench [pdf] software to model drilling hydraulics to ensure that the proper fluid parameters are run.  The modeling that can take place includes:

  • Surge / Swab Analysis
  • Hole Cleaning Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Bit Optimization
  • Flow Characteristics
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